Poor people’s Movements and Citizen Groups such as People with Disability (PWDs), Women Groups, People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs), Female Headed Households (FHHs), Farmer Based Organizations (FBOs) etc sometimes lack the needed spaces to exercise their rights and participate in governance. They need to be empowered to demand accountability and responsiveness and challenge power structures. This theme focuses on mobilizing citizens to critically engage with duty bearers for their entitlements. This creates collective strengths to critically assess their situation .The people also gain confidence and legitimacy as citizens when the state responds to their needs. ” We are partnering CDD-Ghana to champion the innovative I Am Aware Project in the Upper East and Northern Regions. The IAA project funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation of the USA promotes social accountability by providing user-friendly data on the state of public service delivery and creating spaces for citizen to demand improved service delivery. We are also Local Partners for a CDD-Ghana OSIWA funded project dubbed “Promoting Social Accountability through Citizens Participation in Local Governance Project.

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